Customers Please Note

Your order has been taken on the understanding that sizes, colours, designs etc. chosen are to your requirements. If in doubt, please check again immediately, as any queries afterwards regarding exchanges or refunds on any item, delivered, put on hold, put in storage, work in progress, ie, goods, fabric etc. ordered by us cannot be entertained.


Our policies and procedures have been refined from years of experience. They allow us to provide the finest quality products at the best prices combined with excellent service.

1. Payment

A minimum of 25% deposit is required to process your order. The balance due is payable on or prior to delivery by way of cash, credit or debit card. No Exceptions. If more than one delivery is required to complete an order, any deposit received in respect of an undelivered portion will be retained in the interim. All sales receipts are audited and errors in pricing or computation of figures are subject to correction.

2. Delivery

a) Many of the items are special orders. Ie Furniture ordered specially for the customer from the manufacturer. While a lead-time may be estimated at the time of purchase, same is merely an estimate based on past experience and does not form part of any agreement between Cosi interiors and our customer. Under no circumstances will Cosi Interiors be held responsible in any way for the delays on the part of the manufacturer or the non-availability of the item requested.

b. The balance payable on any order must be paid in full before or on delivery of goods from Cosi Interiors. Goods remain the property of Cosi Interiors until paid for in full. No complaints will be entertained until payment is received in full.

c. In cases where the customer has arranged delivery of an item or items of furniture and no person is available to accept delivery the customer will be responsible for the extra costs incurred by Cosi Interiors and the details of such costs will be notified to the customer prior to departure of the delivery.

d. Cosi Interiors shall arrange delivery of the items purchased to the front entrance of the property or where the customer requests delivery to be made. Cosi Interiors will not accept any responsibility for damage to any item of furniture arriving from the movement of the said item of furniture to the various passage hallways and doorways of the property.

3. Cancellation

Where an order is placed with Cosi interiors and the customer wishes to cancel same, Cosi Interiors shall retain the deposit unless the manufacturer of the item or items in question specifically agree that the order in question may be cancelled without loss to Cosi interiors.

4. Damage

Customers must report in writing any damage ie scratches, dents chips, tears, soiling etc. within 72 hours of delivery. It is important that you or your authorised agent immediately upon delivery carefully and thoroughly inspect each item. Cosi interiors will not be responsible for any damage not reported within 72 hours of delivery.

5. Colour Variation

Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to ensure colour matches, fabrics and leather may vary due to dye lot variations. Leather and wood products will by the nature be subject to grain variations. All removable covers of a matching suite must be cleaned at the same time in order to avoid colour variation.
Cosi Interiors will not be responsible for colour variations in the event that matching items are not purchased together.

6. Warranties

a) Cosi interiors takes great pride in the quality of the products and services it offers. While we carefully advise you of the manufacturers reputation, quality and design, the actual choice and selection is the customers responsibility. Although we cannot guarantee the customers pleasure in the selection, we warrant that all merchandise will be delivered in a condition which meets the standards set by the manufacturer.

b) No warranty or change of terms and conditions either expressed or implied shall be valid unless documented on this contract and approved by the management.

c. Except in the case of personal injury and death directly attributable to the actions of Cosi Interiors, the liability of Cosi Interiors shall not exceed the price paid for the goods.

Thank you for choose Cosi Interiors – the home of fine furniture.

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